Shockwave Therapy has proven clinically effective for the treatment of:
• Plantar fasciitis & heel spurs
• Golf & tennis elbow tendonitis
• Calcific tendonitis of the shoulder/rotator cuff
• Knee patellar tendonitis
• Frozen/Stiff Shoulder
• Achilles tendonitis
• Whiplash
• Headaches
• Iliotibial Band Syndrome
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Trigger Finger
• Shin Splints
• Hip tendonitis
• Morton’s Neuroma
• Trigger Points / Fibromyalgia
• Chronic Muscle Tension
• Bursitis anywhere
• Recalcitrant Diabetic Wounds

“Shockwave Therapy has helped many of my past patients achieve a pain free life, and we would love to chat with you to see whether you’d also be a good fit for this incredible new therapy.” -Brad Saltz (Registered Physiotherapist)