Number of Treatments

The number of Shockwave Therapy treatments required often varies depending on the severity and chronicity (how long you have had the condition).   At Ace Physio our clinicians are continually impressed at the speed that Shockwave Therapy is able to provide relief to painful chronic symptoms.   Many patients report that they start to feel relief and a decrease in symptoms after just the first couple of treatments.

Shockwave Therapy is so effective that many cases only require 4-5 treatments, only once every week, which minimizes your time at therapy, and won’t interfere with your busy lifestyle. 

Some chronic conditions may require between 8 to 10 treatments once per week, and this usually depends on how long you have had your condition.  At Ace Physio we will assess your condition and provide you with an estimate of the amount of treatments that historically has been appropriate to effective treat your condition, and prevent it from returning again. 

After the treatment sessions are finished the injured area continues to heal for 6 to 18 weeks with maximal recovery occuring approximately 3 months after the treatment sessions end.