Our Equipment

  • Our Shockwave Machine… Our Shockwave therapy unit is the Storz Masterpuls 200 (MP200), the most successful Shockwave therapy system available on the market today.  MP200 can go all the way up to 21 hertz using the D-actor head (compared to a max of 11 hertz using the MP50), and this makes all the difference for treatment effectiveness and patient comfort.  Up to 5 bars of application pressure, makes all the difference as our shockwave can not only effect those structures close to the surface but also get down into the deeper structures as well with enough acoustic pressure to treat hard to reach areas like ligaments and joint capsules of the shoulder or hip.
  • To accomplish these frequencies and depths, the Storz MP200 Shockwave requires a seperate air compressor, and this is why our unit is far superior to the built-in air compressor model units that many chiropractors and podiatrists are using.
  • We use the MP200, for its ability to effective treat muscles, tendons and joints, and not the MP50 or MP100 (these units do not have a separate compressor), or the no name bargain basement versions starting to come onto the market.