“I had suffered with a heel spur and plantar faciitis for almost 3 years. It was so painful that I would dred having to stand and walk in the mornings. I had resorted to limping, and a funny walking pattern that was starting to take a toll on my knees and lower back. I had visited a physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, a podiatrist, and bought custom orthotics. While the symptoms reduced temporarily, the pain would always return. While surfing the internet, I stumbled across this new therapy called “Shockwave Therapy” that promised to cure plantar faciitis in only a few treatments. At first I was skeptical but out of desperation I decided I would try this new treatment to see if it would work. I was disappointed however to find that many of the practitioners offering Shockwave Therapy charged between $160-$250 per treatment. That was until I found Ace Physio. Ace Physio was priced very reasonably, the service was amazing, and the results I got were incredible. I can happily say that my plantar fasciitis is cured and I’m no longer suffering anymore. If you have plantar faciitis, don’t put off treating it another day. Limp, crawl, hop, just do whatever it takes to get down to Ace Physio for Shockwave treatment!”